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Statement Analyser

Perfios Insights automates the entire process of financial checks and verification required while providing any financial services product. It helps in dramatically improving the turn-around time for processing an application whether it originated from the offline or online channel, thus delighting the prospective customers. The entire operational process is improved, resulting in lower cost, higher accuracy, superior user acquisition and delighted end customers.

Perfios provides multiple options for retrieving and analysing a customer’s financial details.

  • Back office/ Offline – Provisioning of Perfios Back office portal for E-Statement uploads and analysis.
  • Online – Integrate with a web application to support
    • Direct upload of E-Statement by the prospective customers
    • Direct fetch of bank transactions from a customer’s online account

Typical Loan Process Today


Typical Loan Process Today

Perfios Insights completely automates the process defined above and provides the following benefits:
In real-time, accurate information on customer’s financial worthiness.
Identifies relevant recurring income/expense transactions.
Eliminating later-stage expensive verifications.
Automates the process, resulting in lower cost, faster turn-around time, delighted customer and higher throughput.
Verifies the ‘Capacity to Pay’.
Completely customizable output report listing out required information (average balance, recurring income/expense, debt-to-income ratio, bounced cheques, bank charges, over drafts, late payments, penalty etc.)



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